Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Clannad Episode 7

I just finished watching the 7th episode and though I might as well add it here…

Well Ibuki-sensei can’t see Fuko-chan… she tells Tomoya and Nagisa about the rumor she heard, about Fuko being at school and making friends with a lot of people, and tells them she would be really happy if her sister made friends. Nagisa and Tomoya tell her that they believe Fuko wouldn’t want her to postpone her marriage on her behalf and Ibuki-sensei agrees to have her marriage as soon as possible since she believes too that her sister would want her to be happy.

Fuko on her part keeps giving away gift-starfishes to every student in school hoping she can get them to come to her sister’s marriage. Tomoya takes her to Kotomi and she accepts a starfish too (after a lot of daydreaming…). Fuko gets bullied by Youhei… Youhei gets taken by her fan-bodyguards… you know the usual staff…

Later on Tomoya and Nagisa decide to visit Ibuki-sensei to make sure she didn’t change her decision about getting married sooner. She tells them that she talked things over with Yusuke and they decided to have it as soon as possible but they have a hard time finding a church to house the wedding. (She tells them that she wished to have the ceremony at school but she doesn’t know if that is possible) Tomoya asks her what she meant when she said that Fuko didn’t have many friends, on the festival. Ibuki sensei tells them that Fuko… well wasn’t a peoples person. She would never approach anyone herself so she never made any friends in the past. Apparently on the day she died she was on her way back from the entrance ceremony and she had promised to her sister that she would try her best to make friends…

The following day the team has a council about how to raise their starfish giveaways… Nagisa and Fuko end up on an argument about which one is cuter, starfish or dango kazoku, and Youhei get beaten up again (yeah I know nothing new here…). Later that day Nagisa and Tomoya go to the council office and ask an old man (I don’t know who he is) if they could use the school grounds for Ibuki-sensei’s wedding. The man tells them that he could arrange it with the headmaster since everyone likes Ibuki-san so the two of them run of to sensei to deliver the good news.

But when they get there Ibuki-sensei tells them that Fuko’s condition got worst earlier that day and the doctors suspect she wont be able to wake up anymore. (needles to say that both kids end up on the park in tears…) and what’s worst, when Tomoya gets back to the dorm Youhei tells him that something strange happened to Fuko-chan. Apparently some of the students in the school cant see her any more, and other forget that they were even given a star gift to begin with….

Some more game thingies… apparently Tomoya finally became the Fuko master… too bad she probably wont be around for much longer...

Clannad Episode 6

It’s been a while since I last updated on this one so thought I own you some episodes… not much changed since the last time. Fuko-chan is still staying in Nagisa’s house (and has somehow convinced Nagisa’s mother to turn each and every one of her not so good breads into starfish shaped ones…),and along with Nagisa and Tomoya she keeps giving away gift-stars to half the school population. She has become really popular somehow and she even got herself a fan club (no wonder since she is so cute). 3 guys come up to her and offer to help her get more people for her sisters wedding (since her devotion moved them). Fuko refuses of course since she thinks they are weird and they actually make a stand full of starfish Fuko things, from shirts to cards and phone straps(??), just to prove their point.

Nagisa and Tomoya decide that since the school festival is coming up it’s the perfect opportunity to have Fuko-chan and her sister meet, so they go of to her house to invite her to the festival. On their way Nagisa makes a comment about how attached Fuko is to them, saying that they look like her parents. Of course she realizes how that could be interpreted and she causes both of them to blush embarrassed. (kawaiiii).

When the reach Ibuki-sensei’s house they meet Yusuke outside. Apparently the really cool ex singer guy that looks a lot like Tomoya is indeed Ibuki-sensei’s fiancé. They ask her to come to the festival and she accepts saying that Fuko always wanted the two of them to go together, which causes Nagisa to burst into tears and runs off crying followed by Tomoya.

Onto the festival then… Fuko gives away even more stars… Tomoyo gets one and so does the girl from the previous episode that was really rude to poor Fuko-chan. And while everything goes smoothly (Fuko and the rest of the girls even get into maid uniforms for the schools café and they all look aniaaaaaa) that’s when Ibuki- sensei arrives.

But of course what kind of drama would this be if she just saw Fuko, hugged her and they lived happily ever after with Fuko’s body in the hospital? So instead she doesn’t see her… and when I say she doesn’t I mean at all! Poor Fuko is standing between Tomoya and Nagisa when Ibuki-sensei is talking to them and she can’t see her. Which of course makes some sense since Fuko is dead and if her sister ended up seeing her in the middle of the school she would end up in a mental institution… sigh… our happy ending looks farther and farther away… and why is it that we cant get any more hints for Nagisa and her own world??? I’ll be off to watch the next one...

By the way I really liked the fact that they throw around random video game things… it’s really funny. Makes me wonder if the actual game had them… maybe if I magically learn to read Japanese I could buy it and play it… now the only thing I need is a genie…

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Well since my DSL connection ain’t that good and I’m still waiting for Clannad episode 6 I though I might take my time to introduce another anime of this season that drew my attention.

“Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro” ( it means ‘Private EVIL Eye Brain Eater Neuro’ or something like that…)

Well the title is kinda weird but the anime itself is really interesting. It’s about a demon named Neuro who actually feeds on mysteries. Yeah I know how can you feed on mysteries? I have no idea… I can get nightmares or dreams or fears or something amongst those lines but mysteries???

Well anyway he comes to the human world looking for food (since he apparently ate all the mysteries in the demon world) and found a girl Yako to help him. He threatened her into becoming his cover. Since he couldn’t draw a lot of attention to himself (being a demon and all…) he made her open a P.I. agency so that he can get his hands on mysteries, solve them and then eat them. And of course Yako got all the credit from all the cases they would solve (not that she asked for it).

Yako on her part is a normal girl… well kinda. She is human and she has a huge appetite and a crazy obsession with food but it seams that when she was little her father was killed in a closed room, which let the police to believe of course that it was a suicide. Yako believes otherwise so she sides with the demon Neuro in order to have her own mystery solved and devoured.

I have only watched the first episode since it’s the only one that got subd this far. I found the rest of then in Japanese in youtube but I couldn’t get more than half the staff they were saying so I gave up quickly.

But if you like the show you could follow the manga. After some digging around I found out http://www.tatsu-ryu.com/ET/ were translating it. They have up to the 3rd volume. (I think there are 13 volumes this far and I don’t really know if it’s ongoing or not) The chapters are kinda different compared to the anime I think, since you start of with Yako’s case there, but it’s really good.

Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series

I have been currently obsessed with Yu-gi-oh online and so I thought I would post something related to the subject… well you see as I was going through some old episodes when a friend of mine recommended Yu-gi-oh the Abridged series. It’s a parody of the main show which basically summarizes the episodes. Littlekuriboh (the master of the series) did a fabulous job on it. It’s the most hilarious think I’ve ever seen. There are 25 episodes the movie and some extras, that contain most of the first season of Yu-gi-oh, part of the rest and well… the movie. By the time I was trough half of them I was rolling on the floor laughing.

I think Littlekuriboh is still updating on them, there’s supposed to be a new one out every week but I think he is running kinda late… but it’s ok, when you have to make up all those good lines you need your time.

If you haven’t watched Yu-gi-oh you probably wont get most of the jokes but it’s still really funny. Currently you can find it on youtube.com (on more than one users) and I’m pretty sure there are torrents of the episodes out there too, just type ‘Yu-gi-oh the Abridged series’ and you’ll come up with a bunch of them. Or you can always visit: http://www.yugiohtheabridgedseries.com

the series own website for the new episodes or any updates.

If you actually look you can find abridged series for a lot of other shows too… but as Yami said (on episode 18) “as everyone knows that’s just not quite as good!”

And a little advice while watching them: don’t under any circumstances watch them at night if you’re not confident on your rooms being soundproof or your neighbours aren’t gonna like it (or your sleeping parents for the matter)!!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Clannad Episode 5

This episode starts where we left off the previous week. When Tomoya and Nagisa found out that Fuko-chan is (possibly) a ghost they decide that they need to meet her sister Ibuki-sensei to find out if it is really true. When they ask Fuko she refuses to go with them (probably not wanting to meet her sister since she is a ghost) so they take of on their own.

When they get to Ibuki-senses’ home she tells them that her sister is still in the hospital sleeping and she was thinking of postponing her wedding, since she can’t get married with her sister in the hospital. Of course Nagisa and Tomoya don’t mention anything about her sister’s ghost being around school. (And there is this cute gang when Ibuki-sensei assumes that Tomoya is Nagisa’s boyfriend, she denies it and Tomoya complains about her being too quick to say he isn’t.)

Later on they decide that Fuko can’t go back to her place but she can’t keep staying in the school all night so Nagisa offers to let her stay at her house. When they meet her parents to ask permission of course Fuko can’t use her real last name (since her sister is a regular customer of the bakery and Nagisa’s parents know that her sister is in the hospital) so when she is asked Fuko uses the name Isogai. Which would be a good thing (since it sounds original) if she hadn’t picked it up from the neighbors. They somehow manage to convince Nagisa’s parents that it’s just a coincidence so Fuko is allowed to stay for a while. And she somehow makes the Nagisa’s whole family stay up all night and make sculptures, which apparently aren’t stars… they are starfishes.(and Nagisa is the only one able to tell the difference…)

They spend most of the next morning giving away starfishes to random people. Somewhere along the way during one of Fuko’s starfish-ania moments Tomoya decides to play a prank at her and asks Ryou to pretend she is Tomoya and she just turned into a girl once Fuko wakes up. Of course since Fuko is so cute she doesn’t get the joke till it’s kinda too late but it’s ok… she is cute…

Anyway, she even tries to give a starfish to one of the senior students she once met at the entrance ceremony but she refuses to take it, saying that she doesn’t have time to fool around since she has exams to worry about. Fuko becomes sad and tells Tomoya that she never even had the time to go to class because she was making her sculptures all the time.

So Tomoya decides to gather together a class for her. Nagisa Youhei Kyou Ryou himself and of course Fuko gather together in one of the classes on the weekend (thank god some the school is preparing for some celebration and the classes are free and open). And who better to play the teacher that Nagisa’s mother???

PS: Youhei has a crush on Sanae-san. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds out that she is Nagisa’s mother… or that Nagisa is actually a ghost… or maybe they are a ghost family that came back from the dead to hunt the whole town and then conquer the word…(yeah I know I play too much Yugioh online…but it’s really good you should try it too…)