Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series

I have been currently obsessed with Yu-gi-oh online and so I thought I would post something related to the subject… well you see as I was going through some old episodes when a friend of mine recommended Yu-gi-oh the Abridged series. It’s a parody of the main show which basically summarizes the episodes. Littlekuriboh (the master of the series) did a fabulous job on it. It’s the most hilarious think I’ve ever seen. There are 25 episodes the movie and some extras, that contain most of the first season of Yu-gi-oh, part of the rest and well… the movie. By the time I was trough half of them I was rolling on the floor laughing.

I think Littlekuriboh is still updating on them, there’s supposed to be a new one out every week but I think he is running kinda late… but it’s ok, when you have to make up all those good lines you need your time.

If you haven’t watched Yu-gi-oh you probably wont get most of the jokes but it’s still really funny. Currently you can find it on youtube.com (on more than one users) and I’m pretty sure there are torrents of the episodes out there too, just type ‘Yu-gi-oh the Abridged series’ and you’ll come up with a bunch of them. Or you can always visit: http://www.yugiohtheabridgedseries.com

the series own website for the new episodes or any updates.

If you actually look you can find abridged series for a lot of other shows too… but as Yami said (on episode 18) “as everyone knows that’s just not quite as good!”

And a little advice while watching them: don’t under any circumstances watch them at night if you’re not confident on your rooms being soundproof or your neighbours aren’t gonna like it (or your sleeping parents for the matter)!!!

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