Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Well since my DSL connection ain’t that good and I’m still waiting for Clannad episode 6 I though I might take my time to introduce another anime of this season that drew my attention.

“Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro” ( it means ‘Private EVIL Eye Brain Eater Neuro’ or something like that…)

Well the title is kinda weird but the anime itself is really interesting. It’s about a demon named Neuro who actually feeds on mysteries. Yeah I know how can you feed on mysteries? I have no idea… I can get nightmares or dreams or fears or something amongst those lines but mysteries???

Well anyway he comes to the human world looking for food (since he apparently ate all the mysteries in the demon world) and found a girl Yako to help him. He threatened her into becoming his cover. Since he couldn’t draw a lot of attention to himself (being a demon and all…) he made her open a P.I. agency so that he can get his hands on mysteries, solve them and then eat them. And of course Yako got all the credit from all the cases they would solve (not that she asked for it).

Yako on her part is a normal girl… well kinda. She is human and she has a huge appetite and a crazy obsession with food but it seams that when she was little her father was killed in a closed room, which let the police to believe of course that it was a suicide. Yako believes otherwise so she sides with the demon Neuro in order to have her own mystery solved and devoured.

I have only watched the first episode since it’s the only one that got subd this far. I found the rest of then in Japanese in youtube but I couldn’t get more than half the staff they were saying so I gave up quickly.

But if you like the show you could follow the manga. After some digging around I found out http://www.tatsu-ryu.com/ET/ were translating it. They have up to the 3rd volume. (I think there are 13 volumes this far and I don’t really know if it’s ongoing or not) The chapters are kinda different compared to the anime I think, since you start of with Yako’s case there, but it’s really good.

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