Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Clannad Episode 5

This episode starts where we left off the previous week. When Tomoya and Nagisa found out that Fuko-chan is (possibly) a ghost they decide that they need to meet her sister Ibuki-sensei to find out if it is really true. When they ask Fuko she refuses to go with them (probably not wanting to meet her sister since she is a ghost) so they take of on their own.

When they get to Ibuki-senses’ home she tells them that her sister is still in the hospital sleeping and she was thinking of postponing her wedding, since she can’t get married with her sister in the hospital. Of course Nagisa and Tomoya don’t mention anything about her sister’s ghost being around school. (And there is this cute gang when Ibuki-sensei assumes that Tomoya is Nagisa’s boyfriend, she denies it and Tomoya complains about her being too quick to say he isn’t.)

Later on they decide that Fuko can’t go back to her place but she can’t keep staying in the school all night so Nagisa offers to let her stay at her house. When they meet her parents to ask permission of course Fuko can’t use her real last name (since her sister is a regular customer of the bakery and Nagisa’s parents know that her sister is in the hospital) so when she is asked Fuko uses the name Isogai. Which would be a good thing (since it sounds original) if she hadn’t picked it up from the neighbors. They somehow manage to convince Nagisa’s parents that it’s just a coincidence so Fuko is allowed to stay for a while. And she somehow makes the Nagisa’s whole family stay up all night and make sculptures, which apparently aren’t stars… they are starfishes.(and Nagisa is the only one able to tell the difference…)

They spend most of the next morning giving away starfishes to random people. Somewhere along the way during one of Fuko’s starfish-ania moments Tomoya decides to play a prank at her and asks Ryou to pretend she is Tomoya and she just turned into a girl once Fuko wakes up. Of course since Fuko is so cute she doesn’t get the joke till it’s kinda too late but it’s ok… she is cute…

Anyway, she even tries to give a starfish to one of the senior students she once met at the entrance ceremony but she refuses to take it, saying that she doesn’t have time to fool around since she has exams to worry about. Fuko becomes sad and tells Tomoya that she never even had the time to go to class because she was making her sculptures all the time.

So Tomoya decides to gather together a class for her. Nagisa Youhei Kyou Ryou himself and of course Fuko gather together in one of the classes on the weekend (thank god some the school is preparing for some celebration and the classes are free and open). And who better to play the teacher that Nagisa’s mother???

PS: Youhei has a crush on Sanae-san. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds out that she is Nagisa’s mother… or that Nagisa is actually a ghost… or maybe they are a ghost family that came back from the dead to hunt the whole town and then conquer the word…(yeah I know I play too much Yugioh online…but it’s really good you should try it too…)

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